Positive Mental Health

Supporting positive mental wellbeing  at Penketh South Primary School 


At Penketh South Primary we believe in promoting positive Mental Health and emotional wellbeing to ensure that the school is a community where everyone feels able to thrive.

At our school we do this by,

  • promoting a positive and supportive school ethos that creates an environment that enhances children and school staff's mental wellbeing.
  • delivering curriculum-based activities supporting key social and emotional skills.
  • building on and celebrate positive peer relationships and school staff relationships.
  • capitalising on the many 'light-touch' daily contacts that staff have with children and families.
  • building into our timetables daily opportunities for wellbing and mindfulness time.
  • building self esteem so children are comfortable and confident to share their feelings and worries.



Ways to help your child with their mental health


Signs that your child may be struggling with their mental health



Our Mental Health and Wellbeing staff

We recognise that some children will need a more bespoke intervention to give them the Mental Health and wellbeing support they need.

We are proud of our specialised staff who can support these interventions.



Mrs Bennett

Mrs Bennett is our school Pastoral Lead and Mental health Lead.

She is a qualified Mental health First aider.

She is trained in delivering several interventions; ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support); Lego therapy; Sand therapy and is also an advanced Drawing and Talking Practitioner.


Ms McQueen

Ms McQueen is a trained ELSA and is also a trained Drawing and Talking Practitioner.


Mrs Stephenson

Mrs Stevenson is trained to deliver Drawing and Talking interventions


Additional support

We also have access to an external counsellor Debbie Butler from Iris Child and Young adult counselling 



In addition, we have access to our Warrington Schools Link Mental Health Team who will come into school to do targetted work 1:1 with specific children or whole class wellbeing workshops.


Safe Spaces

We understand that sometimes children may need calm, safe space if they are feeling overwhelmed and we are proud of the fact that we have two of these spaces in school.

In KS2 we have 'The Chill Out' area and in KS1 we have 'The Nest' 

Both these areas have beanbags and cushions and calming books and activities for the children to help them to calm, self-soothe and use coping strategies in a quiet and safe space.




My Happy Mind             

At Penketh South we help children to prepare for tomorrows world by building resilience, balanced and happy minds at home, nursery and school.

Most recently, we have embarked upon our 'My Happy Minds' journey which is a curriculum resource delivered in class and accessible at home, and aims to support pupils' mental health and wellbeing. 

My Happy Mind empowers the children to use coping tools such as 'Happy Breathing' to help them if they are struggling with their mental health and to prepare them for the world outside.

We also have a team of children who are our 'Happiness Heroes' in school.

They are our My Happy Mind Ambassadors who will lead the way to helping their fellow pupils to look after their own mental health. Throughout the year, they will lead Mental Health assemblies; create displays and other resources to help the children improve their wellbeing.


'Let's go outside'

We know that being outdoors also improves mental health and wellbeing; can improve concentration, improve abilty to focus an learn ; promote better behaviour and helps to foster positive relationships.

All the children participate in Forest School sessions throughout the year as well as sessions in the allotment growing things from seeds.




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