“Creativity takes courage…” – Henri Matisse

                                                                     “Every child is an artist…” – Pablo Picasso



At Penketh South, our Art curriculum aims to inspire, enthuse and instil passion in the children. We want to provide children with the knowledge and skills needed to explore their creativity and individuality. We will expose the children to a range of artists and techniques which will allow  them to plan, create, test and review their own ideas as part of an encouraging process.  We aim to equip the children with the vocabulary needed to comment respectfully on pieces of art critically. They will build upon these skills and the knowledge as they move throughout school.


We have designed our curriculum to allow children to not only progress their skills and knowledge as they move throughout the school, but also to develop their creativity and individuality. This year, we have introduced Access Art to support our staff in the teaching of Art. The units of work can be adapted to suit the topics that the children are learning, enhancing their cross curricula learning as well as their enthusiasm. We are developing our sketchbooks so that children have ownership over their artistic journey throughout the school, they can express themselves and present their work in their own style. Teachers will guide children throughout this process, supporting and challenging them through questioning and discussions. We aim to cover a range of artists both from the past and present and other cultures, to ensure the children are accessing a range of artistic styles. They will develop their appreciation for art by respectfully commenting on artist’s and their peer’s work as well as evaluating their own.


As they move throughout school and upon leaving Penketh South, children will have had a wealth of opportunities to develop their creativity, allowing them to transfer this skill to a range of scenarios. They will have the skill to critique and praise others in a respectful manner and in turn, evaluate themselves with an air of resilience and pride. It will encourage children to be more ambitious and challenge themselves when producing work in the future. For many, it will encourage them to pursue further artistic endeavours as they progress through life.


PAN Art Exhibition - Our artwork will be displayed at the Gatewy Centre from Monday 11th March until Thursday 21st March 

Art Cafe - Monday 20th May


“Creativity is a fragile process that is hard to measure and assess and should always be nurtured and supported”- Access Art


Click on the link below to see what we teach in Art: what the children need to know and understand and the skills and attitudes they will develop as they are learning in Art:-


Also, have a look at the class pages for more detail.


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