Here at Penketh South, our history curriculum aims to spark children’s curiosity about the past in Penketh, Britain and the wider world. The history curriculum at Penketh South ensures our rich history of the local area is covered, enabling children to develop a deep understanding of the history of their locality. Our topics are influenced by the national curriculum and we make links to our local area and children’s interests where possible. We aim to provide an interesting and varied curriculum that interests and intrigues our children while meeting the needs of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities. Teaching of history at Penketh South is intended to equip pupils to ask questions about the past, analyse evidence, think critically, appreciate different perspectives and develop informed judgements to answer our enquiry question set each term.

The history curriculum at Penketh South is carefully planned and structured to ensure that current learning is linked to previous learning which is assessed through low stakes quizzing and recall activities. Children at Penketh South will develop a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people. What they learn through history can influence their decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values thus helping children to develop a love for history and encouraging them to be learners for life.



All learning will start by looking at an enquiry question. We record the children’s responses as our ‘First Thoughts’ this allows to see children’s prior learning and to see if they can make links between new and old learning.  This will be scaffolded to support children to recall previous learning and make connections. Staff will model explicitly the subject-specific vocabulary, knowledge and skills relevant to the learning to allow them to integrate new knowledge into larger concepts. Learning will be supported through interactive and engaging History displays within the classroom with a rich variety of texts and a challenge for the children to complete.


Weekly curriculum quizzes are used to review learning and check that children know more and remember more. These are done at the start of a new lesson so children can make connections between old and new learning.


History assessment is ongoing throughout the relevant cross-curricular themes to inform teachers with their planning lesson activities and differentiation. Our historians will be given a variety of experiences both in and out of the classroom where appropriate to create memorable learning opportunities and to further support and develop their understanding e.g. through trips and visitors.



At Penketh South, Pupil voice shows that pupils are confident and able to talk about what they have learnt in history using subject specific vocabulary. Pupil voice also demonstrates that pupils enjoy history and are able to recall their learning over time. Pupils work demonstrates that history is taught at an age appropriate standard across each year group. Work is of good quality and demonstrates pupils are acquiring knowledge, skills and vocabulary in an appropriate sequence allowing them to ‘make connections’.


Click on the link below to see what we teach in History: what the children need to know and understand and the skills and attitudes they will develop as they are learning in History:-

Also, have a look at the class pages for more detail.


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