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At Penketh South, we aim to inspire our children to use their creativity, take risks, demonstrate their resourcefulness and create innovative and functional products with an end user in mind. We want our children to use their design and technology learning to enable them to become powerful contributors and responsible citizens of the future who will embrace change and see setbacks as learning opportunities. 


We identify the key skills, knowledge and understanding required by the National Curriculum and ensure that our children's learning develops and builds on the skills and knowledge taught in previous year groups. We make relevant links to other subjects, such as science, history, art and computing in order to provide the children with a meaningful purpose to each DT project. We use resources from the Design & Technology Association to further enhance the children's learning, engagement and motivation.


Our DT curriculum enables and encourages children to become critical thinkers. They look at existing designs to analyse and assess their effectiveness, then consider ways of redesigning and reconstructing to meet their own requirements. To this end, our children learn to become resourceful, innovative and enterprising individuals who are passionate and excited about the design and making process. Learning is assessed through the children's ability to research, design, make and evaluate their own work.


Click on the link below to see what we teach in DT: what the children need to know and understand and the skills and attitudes they will develop as they are learning in DT:-

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