Friends of Penketh South (FOPS)

P.T.A's exist in most schools, in some form or other, no matter what the social or economic background of the school.

They support the children at the school, helping to provide the little extras that enhance the children's learning and free time.

Here at Penketh South, a “P.T.A.” committee exists, however the name P.T.A, we feel, is a label that many parents immediately feel excludes them, or is viewed negatively.

Our committee is known as The Friends Of Penketh South (FOPS). As a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, older brother or sister, you are automatically considered to be a “member” and are welcome to join in with any event.

We realise time is precious and we all have many work and after school activity commitments - dance lessons, football, swimming etc. to work around.

To allow us to function as a fundraising group, a committee has to exist to ensure that all monies are handled correctly.  Meetings are usually held once a term.  We are always happy to see new faces at these meetings, but it is not a stipulation that you attend. However, your help with ideas for events, prizes, 'freebies' from your companies or use of any skills you may be able to offer - painting, sewing, joinery, gardening etc, to fit in with your schedules, is welcomed and appreciated.

As you are all aware we are currently fundraising for more reading books for our children and the support we have received for this has been incredible. 

The committee feel it is important to continue to offer fun, exciting opportunities for all even through this difficult time. We want to bring as much fun to our children's lives and create lasting positive memories.

Our FOPS Committee has recently reformed with Miss Nicholson as the Chair, Helen Atkinson as the treasurer and Miss McQueen as Deputy Chair and we are looking for more people to join our group. If you feel you can offer any time, even if its only 20 minutes at a meeting, or to pick up a case of beer (we will provide you with the money – you provide us with the beer and a receipt!), or would like to be kept updated with future events with a view to participating, please let us know by contacting us on

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