Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

About Pecuniary Interest

The school is required by law to compile a Register of Pecuniary Interests for staff and governors. Staff and governors are asked to declare any interest they, or a close relative, may have with any local firms from which the school may wish to buy goods or services. Common examples are self-employed contractors such as builders or electricians.

A pecuniary interest is any form of renumeration. The school is not forbidden to buy goods and services from the firm but the interest should be declared.

Governors Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

 Governor  Disclosure
 Kathryn Bullivant  Nothing to disclose
 Jane Evans  Nothing to disclose
 Angela Grace  Nothing to disclose
 Howard Platt  Disclosure of interest: Trustee of TCAT, Director of Locker Group, Governor of Padgate Academy 
 Claire Roper   Nothing to disclose
 Jake Smith  Disclosure of interest in local business - The Northern Flowerhouse 
 Carolyn Williams  Nothing to disclose
 Stephen Hennessey  Nothing to disclose

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